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    Piles-doctor provides the modern laser piles treatment in Faridabad to help patients get rid of piles in a quick, painless, and non-invasive manner. We offer a comprehensive care package to the people who come to us seeking treatment for piles. Our piles specialists will thoroughly diagnose the disease and provide advanced daycare treatment to cure piles permanently.
    We are a patient-centric healthcare service provider that aims to make the entire treatment journey for the patient seamless and hassle-free. Schedule an appointment with our doctors today and discuss your condition without hesitation. Our medical professionals will help you out in every possible way and suggest the best treatment method for piles.

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    • Chronic constipation
    • Chronic diarrhoea
    • Lifting heavy weights
    • Obesity
    • Straining too much while bowel movement
    • Excessive Bleeding
    • Minimal Anal pain
    • Painful bowel movements
    • Swelling & Itching
    • Discomfort while sitting

    Piles can be diagnosed through a visual examination where the doctor will look for abnormalities in the anal canal. The visual examination is also called digital rectal exam. During the check, the doctor inserts a gloved, lubricated finger into the rectum to identify the swollen and inflamed veins. If the doctor suspects that piles are caused due to some other underlying condition, other tests, such as anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, or colonoscopy will be recommended.


    If the symptoms are mild and piles are at earlier stages, non-surgical treatment options are suggested. However, if piles are chronic, you will need surgical treatment. Among all the plausible methods, laser piles surgery is regarded as the safest and most-effective treatment. It is a non-invasive and painless method of treatment that can cure piles permanently.

    Experienced Doctors

    Consult our expert proctologists and general surgeons and get properly diagnosed to resolve your health problems.


    Laser-assisted procedure and cutting-edge tools to treat the root cause of piles and other anorectal diseases.


    Get a free pick and drop service arranged by Piles-doctor before and after the surgery to help you travel in a comfortable and hassle-free way.

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    Get piles treatment at the best and most-reliable hospitals and clinics of Faridabad near you.

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    Providing treatment for all anorectal diseases, including piles, fissure, and fistula. We have a dedicated proctology department that helps patients get rid of anorectal diseases.

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    Are non-surgical treatment for piles effective?

    Yes. Non-surgical treatment for piles are effective over the short term. They resolve piles but do not reduce the risk of recurrence or relapse. Hence, surgical treatment are considered more effective to cure piles permanently.

    How to choose a doctor in Faridabad for piles?

    While choosing a doctor for piles in Faridabad, you should focus on the following things:
    -Doctor’s certification, skills, and experience
    -Hospital or clinic association
    -The reputation of the associated hospital, clinic, and the doctor
    -Reviews from the previous patients
    -The doctor’s ability to answer your queries.

    What will happen if I leave piles untreated?

    If you leave piles untreated for a long time, it can cause problems, such as:
    – Anemia
    – Infection
    – Anal fissure
    – Blood clots
    – hemorrhoid strangulation.

    Do you provide online consultations in Faridabad?

    Yes. We provide online consultations to our patients through calls. You can opt for online consultation to discuss your problem with the doctors.

    How much does piles surgery cost in Faridabad?

    Piles surgery in Faridabad usually costs approximately Rs. 41,500 to Rs. 70,000. As the cost depends on various factors like the doctor’s fee, diagnostic tests, severity of disease, hospital charges, medictaions, etc. you can talk to our representatives and get an estimate of the actual cost.

    Is laser piles surgery safe?

    Yes. Laser piles surgery is a safe treatment method as it is non-invasive and reduces the chances of bleeding, infections, and other complications.

    What is the success rate of laser piles surgery in Faridabad?

    In Faridabad, laser piles surgery is the most preferred method as its success rate is more than 90%.

    How to book an appointment with Piles-doctor in Faridabad?

    To book an appointment with our doctors, you only need to fill the appointment form and our representatives will get back to you shortly.

    Meet Piles Doctors

    Our experts are here for you every single day! We care about our patients and we do our best to make them happy.


    dr. rakesh mittal

    Dr. Rakesh Mittal

    MBBS, MS – General Surgery
    17 Years of Experience

    dr. vaibhav kapoor

    Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor

    MBBS, MS – General Surgery
    13 Years of Experience

    dr. pankaj sareen

    Dr. Pankaj Sareen

    MBBS, MS – General Surgery
    19 Years of Experience

    28.4595, 77.0266
    I had piles for quite some time and the condition didn’t improve after trying many home remedies. When I consulted Dr. Pankaj, I was stressed after knowing that I needed surgical treatment. Fortunately, the doctor briefed me before the procedure and told me that there won’t be any cuts or stitches as they use laser technology. I trusted my doctor and had the surgery the next day. There were no cuts, stitches, or scars involved in the surgery. Now I am recuperating well and don’t feel any pain during bowel movements thanks to Dr. Pankaj

    – Rohit Mehra

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