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    For Piles Doctor, nothing is more important than your health and quality of life which is often degraded by anorectal diseases, such as piles. Regardless of where you are, it is possible to get best-in-class piles treatment cost-effectively with the help of Piles Doctor. 

    Our services are operational in multiple cities and in each city, we have the best doctors for piles treatment. 

    Piles Doctor is a dedicated daycare service provider where patients are treated with compassion and empathy. We are here to offer transparent, seamless, and guided care to the patients. If you are seeking advanced piles treatment, talk to our doctors and find out how we treat and cure piles. 

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    • Dr.Vaibhav Kapoor

      Dr. Vaibhav Kapoor

      MBBS, MS – General Surgery

      9 Years Experience

    • Dr. Pankaj Sareen

      Dr. Pankaj Sareen

      MBBS, MS – General Surgery

      19 Years Experience

    • Dr. Niranjan TR

      Dr. Niranjan TR

      MBBS, MS – General Surgery

      10 Years Experience

    • Dr.Arun Kumar

      Dr. Arun Kumar S

      MBBS, MS – General Surgery

      7 Years Experience

    • Dr. Varun Gupta

      Dr. Varun Gupta

      MBBS, DNB – General Surgery, MNAMS

      14 Years Experience

      I had piles for quite some time and the condition didn’t improve after trying many home remedies. When I consulted Dr. Pankaj, I was stressed after knowing that I needed surgical treatment. Fortunately, the doctor briefed me before the procedure and told me that there won’t be any cuts or stitches as they use laser technology. I trusted my doctor and had the surgery the next day. There were no cuts, stitches, or scars involved in the surgery. Now I am recuperating well and don’t feel any pain during bowel movements thanks to Dr. Pankaj

      – Rohit Mehra

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