Piles-Laser Treatment in Gurgaon

Piles is one of the most common anorectal diseases affecting approximately 40,723,288 people in India. Its treatment includes surgical and non-surgical methods based on its type, grade, and severity.

With advanced medical procedures, piles are treated with a laser technique called laser piles treatment. The cost of laser treatment for piles in Gurgaon can range between Rs. 45,000 and Rs. 1,10,000.

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The best piles doctor in Gurgaon says, “Most of the patients with piles keep delaying their treatment because of various factors. But treating piles at the initial stage can cost you less when compared to treating them at the end-stage. So, timely treatment can help you free from piles with negligible chance of recurrence and also reduces the cost burden.”

Here, you can know the cost of piles laser treatment in Gurgaon and the factors affecting them.

Piles Operation Cost in Gurgaon:

Piles or hemorrhoids can be treated with lifestyle and dietary changes in the grade-1 stage. But, surgery is the best method for treating grade-2, 3, and 4 piles.

Some of the surgical procedures used to treat piles are

  • Laser Piles Treatment
  • Open Piles Surgery
  • Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Sclerotherapy
  • Cauterization
  • Rubber Band Ligation

Each of these piles treatment methods has its very own advantages and disadvantages. Most proctologists worldwide suggest their patients undergo laser piles surgery, and this is due to its benefits which are mentioned further.

The approximate cost of these piles treatment methods in Gurgaon are tabulated, and have a look.

Different Piles Treatment Methods Minimum cost in Gurgaon Average cost in Gurgaon Maximum cost in Gurgaon
Laser Piles Treatment Rs. 30,000 approximately Rs. 60,000 approximately Rs. 1,10,000 approximately
Open Piles Surgery Rs. 25,000 approximately Rs. 55,000 approximately Rs. 85,000 approximately
Stapled Hemorrhoidectomy Rs. 15,000 approximately Rs. 25,000 approximately Rs. 45,000 approximately
Sclerotherapy Rs. 24,000 approximately Rs. 41,000 approximately Rs. 80,000 approximately
Cauterization Rs. 30,000 approximately Rs. 53,000 approximately Rs. 90,000 approximately
Rubber Band Ligation Rs. 20,000 approximately Rs. 37,000 approximately Rs. 55,000 approximately

Note: The cost mentioned in the table is not the exact price range and should be used for reference purposes only.

To know more about the cost of piles treatment in Gurgaon, you can call us or fill in the form on this page. Our medical coordinator will call you back at the earliest possible.

Piles Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

Piles laser treatment cost in Gurgaon varies for each individual because of several factors that are discussed further in the blog. Below, we have tabulated the approximate minimum, average, and maximum cost of laser piles treatment. Use that cost as reference purpose and to know the exact price, contact the specific hospital where you wish to undergo the surgery.

Minimum Piles laser treatment cost in Gurgaon Rs. 45,000 approximately
Average Piles laser treatment cost in Gurgaon Rs. 75,000 approximately
Minimum Piles laser treatment cost in Gurgaon Rs. 1,10,000 approximately

Factors Affecting Piles Laser Treatment Cost in Gurgaon

Types and Grades of Piles

One of the key factor in determining the cost of piles laser treatment is the severity of the condition. For example, grade-1 piles can be cured with non-surgical treatment or with the help of laser surgery, which costs you less when compared with the treatment of grade-4 piles or thrombosed hemorrhoids. This is because the higher the grade of piles, the higher the complexity of the surgery.

Type and Location of the Piles Hospital

Depending on the locality you reside in Gurgaon or the location of the hospital where you wish to get treated. The type of hospital you choose, i.e., super-specialty or multi-specialty, can affect the cost. For instance, multi-specialisty hospitals may charge you more than super-specialty hospitals. This can be due to the services and facilities they provide you. Choose the right hospital and consider all the possible factors that can help you with the positive outcomes of the treatment.

The Consultation Fee of the Piles Doctor

The consultation fee of the doctor is not the same. Each doctor has their consultation fees, and the higher the experience of the doctor, the higher the consultation fee. If you consult an experienced piles doctor, they may charge you more. If you consult a piles doctor with less experience, their consultation fee can be minimal.

We advise you to consult an experienced piles doctor for a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Also, highly skilled piles specialists can perform laser surgery without causing significant risks and complications. At our hospitla in Gurgaon, we house piles doctors who have 10+ years of experience in diagnosing and treating piles. To consult our doctors, you can call us directly or fill out the form that is present on this page.

Diagnostic or Laboratory Tests

To diagnose the condition and the severity, doctors can recommend undergoing a few diagnostic tests like anoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, and digital rectal exam. The cost of these diagnostic tests varies from each other. Thus, diagnostic or laboratory tests can bring a change in the overall cost of your piles laser surgery.

Pre-surgical Medications

Before the day or a few days of the surgery, piles doctors will prescribe a few medications. These medications are given as a prophylactic measure or to increase the desired outcomes of the surgery. The cost of pre-surgical medicines can impact the overall laser piles treatment cost.

Post-surgical Follow-ups

Post-surgical follow-ups are essential in the determination of the outcomes of the treatment. So, don’t miss your follow-ups. Follow-ups help the doctor monitor your overall health and evaluate the condition of piles. We provide free follow-ups to each of our patients who underwent piles surgery and thus reduces the overall cost of treatment.

Why Laser Piles Treatment?

Laser piles treatment is one of the latest treatment methods used by many proctologists, anorectal surgeons and colorectal surgeons to treat piles. In this method, high energy laser beams are focused directly on the hemorhroidal tissue.

In Gurgaon, all our piles doctors perform laser surgery to treat piles because of its benefits.

– Minimally invasive

– Minimal blood loss

– No scar formation

– No pain throughout the surgery

– No risk of infection when compared with open piles surgery

– No life-threatening post-surgical complications

– Quick recovery of the patient

– High success rate

“I was suffering from anal pain while sitting, walking, and running. For a month, I followed home remedies hoping to cure them. But then, symptoms started to affect my daily activities. Immediately, I consulted piles-doctor.com and had an online consultation with one of the best piles doctors in Gurgaon. He diagnosed me with grade-2 piles and recommended undergoing laser piles surgery. He explained everything about the procedure and without a second doubt, I proceeded with the surgery, which is very affordable. After the surgery, I’m free from my sufferings and my condition, piles. It’s been 5 months and no side effects or complications have occurred.” – says one of the patients who underwent laser piles treatment from our hospitals in Gurgaon.

Choose Us for Cost-Effective Piles Laser Treatment in Gurgaon

We understand the treatment doesn’t stop at the surgery alone. It is associated with the things before and after it. So, to make sure each of our patient treatment journey seamless, we provide several medical services and facilities.

  • Confidential consultations with top piles specialists
  • Expert surgeons perform the piles treatment
  • Affordable piles treatment
  • Free transportation to and from the hospital on the day of the surgery and discharge
  • Dedicated care buddy to each patient in assisting them during the process of hospitalization
  • Complete assistance in insurance paperwork
  • No cost EMI service
  • Multiple payment options to ease the patients’ financial burden
  • Free follow-up consultations

The Bottom Line:

Piles laser treatment cost in Gurgaon varies from one patient to another due to the aforementioned factors. On average, the cost of laser piles treatment in Gurgaon can range between Rs. 45,000 and Rs. 1,10,000.

At our hospitals, you can undergo the safest laser piles operation at an affordable cost. To visit us, call the phone number or fill in the form that is on this page.

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I had piles for quite some time and the condition didn’t improve after trying many home remedies. When I consulted Dr. Pankaj, I was stressed after knowing that I needed surgical treatment. Fortunately, the doctor briefed me before the procedure and told me that there won’t be any cuts or stitches as they use laser technology. I trusted my doctor and had the surgery the next day. There were no cuts, stitches, or scars involved in the surgery. Now I am recuperating well and don’t feel any pain during bowel movements thanks to Dr. Pankaj

– Rohit Mehra

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