Piles can generally be treated quickly through medical procedures or at home depending on the severity of the condition. A variety of treatment options exists, such as hemorrhoidectomy, hemorrhoid stapling, and laser surgery that can help you get rid of piles quickly.
Delaying piles treatment only makes the condition worse. In earlier stages, the home remedies and over-the-counter (OTC) medications may work to some extent. Moreover, these methods are only helpful in controlling and managing the symptoms. If the condition advances to the chronic stage, you will have to rely on advanced surgical treatments to resolve piles.
Read ahead and find out how to get rid of piles quickly.

How laser treatment cures piles quickly?

Among the surgical options available, laser treatment is most likely to cure piles permanently. In contrast with open-surgical methods, like hemorrhoidectomy and hemorrhoid stapling, laser is an advanced technique that offers precise control over the procedure and allows the surgeons to cure piles in less than 30 minutes. In this process, a laser beam is focused accurately on the affected area without damaging the nearby tissues.
Other beneficial aspects of laser surgery are given below:

  • The surgery has minimal risks and complications.
  • The surgical tools used for the procedure are safe and USFDA approved.
  • It doesn’t involve cuts or stitches that can get infected during or after the procedure.
  • The laser beam improves blood flow in the anal region after the hemorrhoid tissue shrinks for quick healing.
  • Laser surgery also promotes the regeneration of tissues rapidly that prevents relapse or recurrence.

Using non-invasive laser technology can make piles treatment quick and painless. You can consult a doctor and find out whether you are an ideal candidate for laser piles surgery or not.

Who is the best doctor to treat piles?

Choosing which doctor to consult for piles treatment can be confusing. However, it is best to consult a specialist, i.e., either a proctologist or a general surgeon to resolve piles quickly. A primary care provider can also recommend home remedies for treatment when symptoms are mild and piles are at earlier stages (grade 1 and 2). However, for advanced treatment, you should get in touch with piles specialists and get their help to get rid of piles quickly and efficiently.

How to get rid of piles quickly at home?

Piles are very common and it affects a lot of people due to the sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle. However, in most people, the symptoms can be managed using home remedies and OTC medications. The key to treat piles is to prevent constipation at all costs as it is the primary cause for piles. Here are a few tips you can try to resolve piles quickly at home:

  • Sitz Bath– Start taking sitz baths to get relief from the itching and pain after passing stools. You can take a sitz bath multiple times a day after bowel movements to get quick relief.
  • Dietary Changes– Make significant changes in your dietary habits and add high-fiber foods to your meals to avoid constipation. Adding fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains will make the stool soft and make bowel movements easier.
  • Cream- Use topical ointments suggested by your doctor. Hydrocortisone is the most common and effective OTC cream for the treatment of piles. It can be applied directly to the anal region to reduce inflammation and irritation.
  • Oral Medication– Oral pain relievers, such as acetaminophen, aspirin, or ibuprofen can also be taken at home to get relief from piles symptoms quickly.
  • Natural Remedies- Some natural remedies, like witch hazel, coconut oil, aloe vera, etc. also provide immediate relief when applied directly to the anal region due to their anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
    Even though it is usually easy to treat piles at home and they also clear up on their own, piles can also cause some complications if not treated on time. If you have symptoms of piles for more than a week, it is best to consult a doctor to get rid of piles quickly.

How to prevent piles from recurring?

Along with having plenty of treatment options at your disposal, it is also crucial that you learn how to prevent piles from recurring. The laser piles surgery is a quick-relief method to cure piles, but the aftercare is in your hands. Taking care of your digestive health will ensure that you don’t get piles again. Here are some tips that will be helpful:

Start Exercising-

Regular exercising can be very helpful, especially if you have piles. Exercise not only improves the blood flow to the entire body but also encourages bowel movements. With proper exercise, you will be able to avoid constipation and straining during bowel movements. Try out some moderate aerobic exercise or take a walk to stimulate bowel movements and keep them smooth.

Eat Plenty of Fiber-

Fiber is an important part of your diet that helps in preventing piles. Each day, you should aim to take 25 to 30 grams of fiber through foods like beans, broccoli, carrots, bran, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. Re-assess your diet and identify the foods you often eat and cause constipation. Try to avoid foods that cause constipation and don’t forget to drink plenty of water.

Go To Bathroom When You Feel the Urge-

If you delay bowel movements and don’t pass stools when you feel the urge, you will increase the risk of constipation and the bowels will become dry and hard. It will further make you vulnerable to fissure.
With these cautions and avoiding sitting for long hours, you can prevent piles from developing. If you have symptoms like rectal pain, bleeding bowels, irritation, and itchiness in the anal region, get your symptoms evaluated by a piles specialist.

The Bottom Line

Among all the plausible methods that are known for piles treatment, laser surgery has the highest success rate. It can help to get rid of piles permanently and leaves negligible chances of recurrence. Fill the appointment form and consult a piles doctor today. Delaying the treatment means that the condition will advance to a stage where surgical treatment is the only option left to cure piles. Make some lifestyle changes and go to a doctor as soon as you notice the symptoms to get rid of piles quickly.

City wise Piles Treatment-

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I had piles for quite some time and the condition didn’t improve after trying many home remedies. When I consulted Dr. Pankaj, I was stressed after knowing that I needed surgical treatment. Fortunately, the doctor briefed me before the procedure and told me that there won’t be any cuts or stitches as they use laser technology. I trusted my doctor and had the surgery the next day. There were no cuts, stitches, or scars involved in the surgery. Now I am recuperating well and don’t feel any pain during bowel movements thanks to Dr. Pankaj

– Rohit Mehra

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